Weight Watcher Core Plan – Do the Weight Watcher Core Plan and Weight Watcher Core Recipes Work?

The Weight Watcher’s program introduced the Weight Watcher Core Plan as an alternative to its Point System / Flex plan. The basic idea was to offer dieters a different method, one that did not rely upon constantly counting weight watcher points. Rather it is based around only eating core foods, and attempting to use Weight Watcher Core Recipe’s as its base, and portion control as its method. The question these plans work?

Firstly for those who are not familiar with Weight Watchers Flex Plan, it is based upon a flexible system in which foods are valued with a Weight Watcher Point. Each participant in the Weight Watcher Program is evaluated and they are allotted a certain amount of points for the week that they must stick to in order to reach their target weight. Several tools such as Weight Watcher Point Calculator, Weight Watcher Etools, Weight Watcher Meetings etc are all incorporated to make one of the more successful commercial weight loss systems around (to find out more about Weight Watchers refer to the site linked below) Weight watchers.

Now as mentioned about the Weight Watcher Core Plan is the alternative method to the Flex Plan. Instead of constantly calculating your points with the Weight Watcher Point System (formulas, calculators, log books etc), the dieter simply sticks to the Weight Watcher Core Food Lists, and Weight Watcher Core Recipe’s. This is a less intense method, and may not always be as effective. However if it is adhered to, and accompanied by exercise it will certainly show results.

One of the main issues to consider with the Weight Watchers Core Plan is that you do not have the variety of food options that you may have with the Weight Watcher Flex Plan (in which no foods are banned). That said, the Weight Watcher Core Food List does not include all bland tasting foods that have the potential to bore the dieter (includes such options as vegetables, soups, lean meats, poultry, fish etc). Furthermore there are extensive Weight Watcher Core Recipe’s available based around the core plan (for more details about Core Foods and Recipes see the site linked below).

Therefore in concluding the Weight Watcher Core Plan is certainly a viable option for prospective dieters, and whether or not you go with the Flex Plan or Core Plan will depend upon your individual personality and situation.

Tobius Whitman is an expert in the feild of Health & Nutrition with a special focus on Weight Loss. He has an extensive knowledge and experience with the Weight Watcher Program, particularly the Weight Watcher Point Calculator.