Avoid Accidentally Locking Yourself Out Of Your Own Home

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I have managed to lock myself out of my own home on a few separate occasions. Outside your own home looking in, you inevitably start to panic.

To avoid that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize what have you just done (again!), it pays to take some precautions. The simplest way to avoid the trauma of locking yourself out of your own home might be getting in the habit of dead-bolting the door from the outside, instead of using the in-door lock. This way, you cannot close the door behind you without having your keys physically in your hand Keysmart Australia.

It is a good idea to always have a spare key! Have a few copies of your home keys made. At all times, carry one with you in your wallet or purse, or have it stashed somewhere outside.

I was thinking about leaving the spare house key under the mat, in the gutter, or under a flower-pot near the front door – but that might be too obvious. These are exactly the places that any self-respecting burglar would look first! You will have to be creative when hiding your spare house keys!

Ask your children can they find the keys you have hidden. If your children can find the keys, so can a burglar. A good hiding spot is not anywhere near the front door. A good place to hide your spare keys is the last place one would expect to find them!

You can additionally make copies of your house keys and leave them to the people you trust. Can you trust your neighbors with a key? Personally, I hate to be a burden on people. Who are the people in your life who will drop everything to save you the next time you manage to lock yourself out?

Some people choose to leave one window in the house unlocked – just in case they lock themselves out – but that is probably not smart. When they accidentally lock themselves out, some will try to break into their own house. That is not a smart idea either, because you could seriously damage the doors (or yourself!). Replacing the doors that you have smashed could turn out to be much more expensive than paying a locksmith to unlock the doors for you!

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